Be more productive and impress your customers

Plan your customers' trips productively, impress them with unique features.

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All stages of a trip


Be more productive in your agency by automating travel planning for your customers and reusing past travel models

Impress your clients

The intelligence and knowledge of your agency in the pocket of your customers, such as a digital travel agent


Combine the services you already offer with the best of modern technology, such as proximity alerts, augmented reality, and access to all mobile travel information even without the internet

More Productivity

How does your agency plan each customer's trip? With Tripify you can automatically create and manage each trip's details with email forwarding and purchase confirmations and reservations. - It is also possible to create pre-made travel models and re-use for each new customer who is traveling to the same destination

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Impress your clients

One app, all details

No more stack of papers, heavy tabs and scattered information

Flights, lodging, reservations, daily itinerary, documents, detailed maps, tips. With Tripify your client will have access to all the information and intelligence that your agency has prepared for his or hers trip, even when he os she is offline.

Smart alerts

The information reaches your customer in the right place at the right time

Your customers will be able to receive geolocated tips, that is, alerts and useful information when approaching locations that your agency defines as important. For example, when you get close to the Louvre Museum in Paris, your client may receive the tip of your agency that it has an entrance at the back of the museum, empty, avoiding the 2-hour queue at the main entrance.

Your agency's intelligence on customer maps

Your clients will always find the tips your agency has prepared for them

Each trip involves dozens, even hundreds of locations. And there is anything better than to use maps to be find yourself between these places. With Tripify each customer will have a dynamic and personalized map, according to the details of their trip. Every location your agency has recommended and each tip related to a place will be shown on the client's travel map. And during the trip, whenever the client opens the map on Tripify he will be able to check custom recommendations to where he or she is at the moment.

  • 1
    Luna wants to travel to Amsterdam

    Luna hires your agency to travel to Amsterdam according to her budget and availability of dates

  • 2
    Your agency organizes the entire trip for Luna

    Your agency books Luna's flight and accommodation reservations and sends the confirmations to Tripify, which manage Luna's trip automatically based on those reservations. Using trip plans for Amsterdam that you already have registered on Tripify ready, your agency sets the itinerary for the Luna's trip. In 5 minutes your agency has Luna's Trip ready in Tripify including all the details such as dynamic map, each day's travel itinerary, flights, accommodation, booking documents and tips

  • 3
    Your agency, Luna and Tripify

    Luna accesses the trip that your agency organized in Tripify and checks out all the details. Some of her friends have written tips from Amsterdam, so Luna takes advantage and complements the planning of the trip, adding her own notes and marking places to visit.

  • 4
    Luna travels

    Two days before the trip date Tripify sends a reminder to Luna confirming the day and time of his flight. Arriving at the airport Luna accesses her boarding pass directly from Tripify. Even during the flight, with no connection, Luna checks her Tripify trip and reviews some tips.

  • 5
    Luna arrives in Amsterdam

    As soon as she arrives in Amsterdam, Luna receives the notification reminding her to check the details of her Tripify trip and the Amsterdam guide she has won.

  • 6
    Tips that come on the right time at the right place

    On the first day of travel, at 12pm Tripify reminds Luna that she has tips on places to eat. When she opens the notification, Luna sees in the dynamic map the nearest places recommended by the agency, the guide or the ones she has saved. On the day of the visit to the Van Gogh Museum, Tripify sends a reminder, "Today is the day to visit the Van Gogh Museum! Your reservation is for entry from 10am, do not forget to pick up the tickets before leaving the hotel". On the day of the visit to the Anne Frank House, when Luna arrives at the entrance, she receives another tip. "Did you know that you have the audio guide option in English for this visit? Do not forget to pick it up at the reception, it's free and not to be missed!". Luna has a smart digital assistant in her pocket. It's as if your agency was in Amsterdam with Luna!


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